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Podcast: Hear it, Speak it, Faith it, Repeat and Overcome

Friday Night Sermon Podcast

When you get into agreement with what God says, in faith, He’ll back you every single time. He’ll always do what we declare He’s doing. There’s no faking it until you make it; you got to just faith it. You see, once you taste true freedom, spiritually, not the world’s definition of freedom, it’s for real and it’s for eternity. He will bring you to the place of success when you’re doing His work. If you don’t know God is saying or doing, start by repeating the promises of God and the Word of God. Repetition is a good thing because it can spark faith.


Podcast: Success By Obedience

What if God would do everything in His power to give us success? What if He wants to equip us with everything necessary to fulfill the call, the purpose, or the mission on our life? What if God loves us so much that He would bankrupt heaven to make sure we would succeed? Would you feel better answering the call of God, if the Word came to you and said, “Do this”? Obedience to God is spiritual, yet involved in every act of obedience there is physical action that must take place.


Podcast: Coming Into Agreement With God’s Word

How do we come into agreement with God’s Word? Is God’s Word in you? Are you speaking His Word over your life, or are you speaking your own?  When you incline your ears and eyes to His Spirit, you will hear things that are inaudible, and unseeable, things of His Kingdom. His Kingdom is unshakable and unchangeable, and it’s eternal. When you join the Kingdom, it becomes a part of you. We’ve heard it said before, “If you come to Jesus you will have eternal life.” That’s true, because Jesus is eternal. When we open up our hearts and lives to Him, Jesus, the eternal King, will come in to you and setup His eternal rule, which is your eternal life. God said Heaven and earth will pass away, but His Word will remain. So, is His Word in you, and are you agreeing with His Word? What is our responsibility once we hear and see the things of the Spirit?


Podcast: Faith to Fall on the Sword and Enter Rest

To enter rest it takes faith. To have faith it takes hearing and seeing in the Spiritual. There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His, on the Sabbath. Now, the Sabbath was not made for man, but man for the Sabbath. God desires rest for all of His people. When we came from law to grace, we came from servants to sons and daughters. With this identity, when we serve Him, we don’t do it because we have to, but because we get to.


Podcast: Living From the Spirit World

Living from the Spirit world, His world, toward our natural word, needs to be emphasized in the life of every believer. Living from the Spirit world requires that we hear and see what God is saying. It is very important that we hear and see in the spirit world, individually and in the body of Christ. If we don’t, then we are basically deaf and blind, spiritually. Faith is an ever-increasing byproduct of your relationship with God, and knowing who He is, and trusting in His promises. He wanted us to see and hear so clearly, what He has for us, that He actually came in the flesh, to give us the pure image, the unadulterated word of God from the mouth of His only Son. If you’re wanting to see God, look to Jesus.


Podcast: Getting Addicted to the Right Stuff

If you’re a hopeless addict, that’s okay. Just switch your addiction to something that will give you life, not take life away from you. Pastor Lonnie Nix did not intend to bring a message of hope and practicality directed at those struggling with addiction, but that’s what happened during this Friday Night Sermon at The Way Ministries church in Sacramento, CA. You see, we should be getting a daily fix of Jesus, and the right Jesus too. Jesus will usher you into the presence of Father God. Not a religious, doctrinal God, but God the Father who brings peace to your soul, and water to the dry places, and who will refresh, redeem and renew you, better than you ever were. God always restores things better than they were originally. His grace is never-ending. Does that mean we can abuse His grace, because we know God to be a God of endless chances? Absolutely not!


Podcast: Concerning Government-Fear Not, Do Good, Pray for Unity

For many, the presidential election has caused fear to permeate hearts and minds. Even God’s people have been sharp to judge, criticize and show fear. But, is God afraid? Last time I checked, He was still on throne, and in charge. For those in fear, you need to assess your footing. You don’t want to be standing on a shaky foundation. You want solid footing. Put your trust, your hope, your faith in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is unshakable. When your citizenship is in the Kingdom of Heaven, you are secure, and there’s no worries, no fear.


Podcast: Simply Believe

The story of baby Jesus requires us to believe. Jesus accomplished all that He came to earth to do. The Christmas story of Jesus continued during this Friday Night sermon as Pastor Lonnie shares about why we ought not just celebrate Jesus, but we should also be celebrating with Jesus. As Christians, Christmas is every day, and Jesus came so that we could have a renewed relationship with God, if we believe. Your relationship with Jesus should always be fresh, and there should be romance and a love connection that is continual. The possibility is that we would stay in love with our first love. Jesus came into the world to fulfill the assignment that was assigned to Him. Simply Believe.


Podcast: Jesus is on the Menu of a Spiritual Diet

What is your spiritual diet like? Have you consumed Jesus recently? Do you eat a red meat diet of the words that Jesus spoke? Pastor Lonnie emphasizes the importance of a steady diet of Jesus and the words that He spoke. We’ve heard it said before, “You are what you eat”. This is true in the natural and the spiritual. God uses the natural to speak to our spiritual man and if our natural diet determines our health and well being, how much more so does our spiritual diet? Listen to the audio of this sermon here!


Podcast: You’re Not A Sinner Saved By Grace Anymore

Pastor Lonnie addresses head on the mantra that many Christians still believe is there identity, and that is this, “I’m a sinner saved by grace”. That is not your title any more when you move into the new life with Christ, which doesn’t look back at the old self, the sinner. The old sinner has been dealt with, by grace. But, if you still believe that you are a sinner saved by grace, then you are believing more in the power of your old nature, then the power of the resurrected Christ in you.

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