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Podcast: Simply Believe

The story of baby Jesus requires us to believe. Jesus accomplished all that He came to earth to do. The Christmas story of Jesus continued during this Friday Night sermon as Pastor Lonnie shares about why we ought not just celebrate Jesus, but we should also be celebrating with Jesus. As Christians, Christmas is every day, and Jesus came so that we could have a renewed relationship with God, if we believe. Your relationship with Jesus should always be fresh, and there should be romance and a love connection that is continual. The possibility is that we would stay in love with our first love. Jesus came into the world to fulfill the assignment that was assigned to Him. Simply Believe.



When we receive Jesus, His Presence, and His Kingdom enters into us. Because He and His realties now exist in us, we can release those Kingdom realities to the world around us that needs them. Have you ever had a leaky water bottle? The water leaks out and keeps on dripping until either the leak is repaired or the water is completely emptied. Well, we are carriers of the Living Water, and we can leak His Presence wherever go, and as we do life. He has given us an abundant life, and we can share it just by living. You don’t have to be perfect to share God with others. If He’s in you, and you share Him, God will do the rest.