The Way Church: 5501 Dewey Dr, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Podcast: Getting Addicted to the Right Stuff

If you’re a hopeless addict, that’s okay. Just switch your addiction to something that will give you life, not take life away from you. Pastor Lonnie Nix did not intend to bring a message of hope and practicality directed at those struggling with addiction, but that’s what happened during this Friday Night Sermon at The Way Ministries church in Sacramento, CA. You see, we should be getting a daily fix of Jesus, and the right Jesus too. Jesus will usher you into the presence of Father God. Not a religious, doctrinal God, but God the Father who brings peace to your soul, and water to the dry places, and who will refresh, redeem and renew you, better than you ever were. God always restores things better than they were originally. His grace is never-ending. Does that mean we can abuse His grace, because we know God to be a God of endless chances? Absolutely not!