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Podcast: Coming Into Agreement With God’s Word

How do we come into agreement with God’s Word? Is God’s Word in you? Are you speaking His Word over your life, or are you speaking your own?  When you incline your ears and eyes to His Spirit, you will hear things that are inaudible, and unseeable, things of His Kingdom. His Kingdom is unshakable and unchangeable, and it’s eternal. When you join the Kingdom, it becomes a part of you. We’ve heard it said before, “If you come to Jesus you will have eternal life.” That’s true, because Jesus is eternal. When we open up our hearts and lives to Him, Jesus, the eternal King, will come in to you and setup His eternal rule, which is your eternal life. God said Heaven and earth will pass away, but His Word will remain. So, is His Word in you, and are you agreeing with His Word? What is our responsibility once we hear and see the things of the Spirit?