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Ministry Partners and Other Ministries

Ministry Partners and Other Ministries of The Way

The Way Ministries is able to serve the many needs of the homeless, poor and needy because of our numerous ministry partners! Below is a growing list of the programs and organizations the we either operate or support!

Grace House – 30 bed drug and alcohol recovery home. We’ve seen marvelous success stories

New Beginnings (Randy): Prison re-entry ministry (supported by Sunday food program). Brought 150 coats to take to the streets, and 150 pounds of clothes. Ministry partner of The Way

Oak House Treatment Center (parole re-entry); Help with the food ministry

Thunder Road Church (SS): Mark supports this ministry and the Sunday food program

Messengers Motorcycle Ministry (SS): Mark supports this ministry and the Sunday food program

Placer County Food Closet

Mutual Housing (monthly food delivery): Individuals with mental issues. On Watt Ave. The Way brings food to them once a month.

Turning Point: Teaching ladies how to cook for their Kids. The Way provides the food for them

Two Pre-schools and a Jr. High where The Way provides food and paper products for special events

J S Veteran’s Transitional House: Transition house for vets. (drug and alcohol free)

Jr Foothill Mustangs – provide them peanut butter sandwiches.

Country Squire Senior Mobile Home Park: food boxes, clothing and breakfast

Clothing Ministry (Coop with New Beginnings)

HART: Citrus Heights HART (Homeless Advocacy Research Team). Churches in Citrus Heights, mayor’s office, police department,  looking for resources to get guys off the street, lots of veterans. Veterans office will call The Way and ask for food for a vet that they (HART) want to help.

Highways and Byways: Jason Thornberry (The Way gave them MRE: Meals Ready to Eat), and Jason gave The Way a truckload of blankets, towels, wash clothes, and pillows that The Way used to give to other ministries they support. Steps to Freedom, Transitional House. Great ministry partner

Stewart House Transitional House (drug and alcohol free): for guys coming out of recovery. Clean safe place to stay

Open Door Ministry: hygiene bags/kits. 20 sleeping bags. Go out on the streets with The Way.