The Way Church: 5501 Dewey Dr, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Food Program

The Way Food Program Sacramento

The Way Food Program (Sacramento) is one of our primary ministries.  We serve the needy, the homeless, the poor, and the less fortunate in the Sacramento area. Our food program serves 1,000,000 meals each year!! If you are looking to contribute your time and love to those less fortunate, choose one of our food ministries to invest in. Or, perhaps you are in need of food and want to receive from us weekly? Contact us!

Logan Park Apartment Food Outreach

This food ministry serves hot meals to the residents of Logan Park and offers prayer and ministry. Happening every Tuesday and Thursday @ 4:45 P.M. at 4215 Palm Ave., New Highlands, CA  95660. GET DIRECTIONS

Serna Village Food for Families Outreach

Each week, we are serving between 200-300 families at Serna Village Apartments! Each family is given one giant box of food which could serve up to 8-10 meals per family. It includes: fruits, veggies, bread, canned goods, and much more. Happening every Tuesday between 9:30 A.M. – 11:00 A.M. @ 5836 Dudley Blvd, McClellan Park, CA  95652. GET DIRECTIONS

South Sacramento Sunday Food Distribution

This food program of The Way distributes up to 3,000 meals during the Sunday food giveaway! Items such as chips, coffee, crackers, tomato product, rice and whole foods are put together in boxes and then distributed to families. Many volunteers help during The Way’s Sunday food program, and take back to their own communities boxes of food for families they know that are in need. Several organizations including Oroville Hope Center participate in this ministry.