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Podcast: Passionately Pursue the Presence of God

The purpose of this message is to bring you into an understanding that the presence of God is within you. The presence of God, even though it is in you, still needs to be pursued with purpose. When pursued, the presence of God blesses abundantly. The people of the Old Testament even sought after the presence of God.They followed, looked for and went where the presence of God was. The presence of God was represented and manifest in the ark of the covenant. Listen to a story of one man that was blessed by the presence of God when it came to his house, and the full sermon now.



When we receive Jesus, His Presence, and His Kingdom enters into us. Because He and His realties now exist in us, we can release those Kingdom realities to the world around us that needs them. Have you ever had a leaky water bottle? The water leaks out and keeps on dripping until either the leak is repaired or the water is completely emptied. Well, we are carriers of the Living Water, and we can leak His Presence wherever go, and as we do life. He has given us an abundant life, and we can share it just by living. You don’t have to be perfect to share God with others. If He’s in you, and you share Him, God will do the rest.


Podcast: Give Like You Love, Love Like You Give

It’s an absolute fact that you will give the more you love. This is true in our natural relationships and our relationship with God. Our giving increases the more our love from Him increases. When we give into the Kingdom of God, the purest gifts, or tithes, or offerings are the ones that are given through love. The tithe is still our responsibility as believers. It has not changed. We will look at this truth through the story of Melchizedek. At the end of this message you will be challenged to increase your love for God, as well increase how you give and how much you give back to Him.



Podcast: Giving God Your Very Best

Pastor Lonnie continues his message from last week when he preached on the tithe. This message focuses on giving God your best offering, your best tithe, that which is acceptable and pleasing to God. Our best offering should be our first fruits, the creme of the crop, that which is worthy to God. Our best offering doesn’t have to be just our tithe, our money, but it can be our time and heart as well.


Podcast: God and the Tithe Do Not Change

We’ve heard it before that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Let’s take this truth back and look at it beginning with the tithe. God actually asks us to test Him in our tithe, in our giving. Have you ever tested God in this? What was the result? Well, we know that God’s word never fails. God’s word works. God’s word is true. The word of God keeps us. The word is eternal, and the word is in me, therefore I am eternal. The heavenly realm doesn’t change, so we know that the tithe has not changed, even when it is first mentioned way back in the Old Testament.

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