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Podcast – Jesus: Ordinary and Extraordinary

The life of Jesus on planet earth was so extraordinary, but began so ordinarily. This can be seen in the birth of Jesus, which happened in a very lowly environment. God made Jesus ordinary so he would be approachable, and easy to come to. God didn’t want to give Jesus an upper hand in any way. So, even his appearance would not get any credit for the glory that worked through Him. This humble life drew offense from religious leaders who expected the coming to Messiah to enter the scene in a magnificent and obvious fashion. But, only those with faith to see who Jesus was were able to experience the King and His glory. The best way to experience this entire message is to watch it here. Pastor Lonnie goes into specific detail about the small beginnings of Jesus’s life, from birth, to pre-teen, to His adult life. Enjoy!


Podcast: Jesus is on the Menu of a Spiritual Diet

What is your spiritual diet like? Have you consumed Jesus recently? Do you eat a red meat diet of the words that Jesus spoke? Pastor Lonnie emphasizes the importance of a steady diet of Jesus and the words that He spoke. We’ve heard it said before, “You are what you eat”. This is true in the natural and the spiritual. God uses the natural to speak to our spiritual man and if our natural diet determines our health and well being, how much more so does our spiritual diet? Listen to the audio of this sermon here!


Podcast: You’re Not A Sinner Saved By Grace Anymore

Pastor Lonnie addresses head on the mantra that many Christians still believe is there identity, and that is this, “I’m a sinner saved by grace”. That is not your title any more when you move into the new life with Christ, which doesn’t look back at the old self, the sinner. The old sinner has been dealt with, by grace. But, if you still believe that you are a sinner saved by grace, then you are believing more in the power of your old nature, then the power of the resurrected Christ in you.


Podcast: Leaving the Old Life, Coming Up Into the New

In water baptism, when we go under the water, we leave the old country of sin behind; when we come up out of the water, we enter into the new country of grace—a new life in a new land! That’s what baptism into the life of Jesus means. When we are lowered into the water, it is like the burial of Jesus; when we are raised up out of the water, it is like the resurrection of Jesus. During this Friday Night Service, Pastor Lonnie gives a short sermon about the new life in Christ, and the role that water baptism plays.


Podcast: Unity in Diversity in the Body

Maybe now more than ever, we need unity. We need unity in the spirit. We need unity in the natural. This sermon begins to explain what the difference is between natural, government-inspired unity, versus the kind of unity that God has called us to. When you’re lifted up in the Spirit, you’ll see more than you ever have before. You’ll see clearly. This is why we need spiritual leaders; leaders who can see, and who know things in the spirit that can’t be known naturally.


Podcast: How to Enter His Rest

Entering God’s rest cannot be overstated. How we enter God’s rest is one of the points of this sermon. Another point is emphasizing what is available to us, once we enter His rest. Then, once we enter, how do we remain in that rest? After reading this blog, you should want to surrender all to God. Surrendering is an initial step to entering His rest. You cannot open your arms and embrace God’s rest for you, until you let go of what you are holding on to. Enjoy this Friday Night Sermon podcast!


Podcast: He Overcame So We Could Be Overcomers

The book of Revelation is about the overcomer. An overcomer is one who prevails. Apostle Paul used the phrase “more than a conquerer”. To walk and live in the overcomer’s life is simply this: embracing everything that Jesus has done and inviting that reality into your life, by having faith in God.


Podcast: Be a Peach, Not a Mushroom

When you are planted in the soil of God, and are abiding in Him, and are dwelling next to the river of God, you will bear good fruit. A peach is a good fruit. If you’re not, you could be in the dark, hidden from light, like a mushroom, planted in the wrong life-giving soil. This sermon by Pastor Lonnie Nix stresses the power of how to abide and bear good fruit in the Spirit. As believers, we must learn to live and walk in the Spirit, which will produce the kind of fruit in our life that is worthy of His name. Mushrooms are just not as tasty as a big, juicy peach. Plus, their not even a fruit…or a vegetable. Don’t be a fungus.


Podcast: The Prodigal Son from San Quentin State Prison

In this unorthodox message, Pastor Lonnie scraps the planned sermon and hovers on the story of the prodigal son and brings in a real example from his own life when he was sitting in a prison cell in San Quentin, west block, bay side, third tier. This quick sermon is for those who have left God, went their own way, like the prodigal son, and God is calling them back to His house, and to their rightful place at His right hand, like Lonnie, the prodigal son from San Quentin. If anything, jump to the declaration at the end of this blog and say it with your whole heart.


Podcast: The New and Better Covenant

“The Way 7th Covenant” is the trademarked, and legal name, for The Way. The first question people often ask is, “I thought there were only two covenants?” Yes there are two covenants: the old and the new. But, there are covenants that God made with man through time. This sermon quickly addresses those seven covenants, then hovers on what it means to be in covenant, the new covenant, with God.

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