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Podcast: Hear it, Speak it, Faith it, Repeat and Overcome

Friday Night Sermon Podcast

When you get into agreement with what God says, in faith, He’ll back you every single time. He’ll always do what we declare He’s doing. There’s no faking it until you make it; you got to just faith it. You see, once you taste true freedom, spiritually, not the world’s definition of freedom, it’s for real and it’s for eternity. He will bring you to the place of success when you’re doing His work. If you don’t know God is saying or doing, start by repeating the promises of God and the Word of God. Repetition is a good thing because it can spark faith.


Podcast: Success By Obedience

What if God would do everything in His power to give us success? What if He wants to equip us with everything necessary to fulfill the call, the purpose, or the mission on our life? What if God loves us so much that He would bankrupt heaven to make sure we would succeed? Would you feel better answering the call of God, if the Word came to you and said, “Do this”? Obedience to God is spiritual, yet involved in every act of obedience there is physical action that must take place.

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