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Looking to Volunteer? Have a need? .... Let us know! We are here to serve!!
Meet Pastor Lonnie as he explains the mission of The Way Ministries

The Way Ministries in Sacramento is dedicated to the message of the Kingdom of God, and showing the love of Jesus Christ by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless and needy through our food and outreach ministries.

It’s all about the King and His Kingdom, which is coming and has come. There’s never been a time like “now”. God is radically in love with His people and He has empowered us with Holy Spirit to make an impact…NOW! The cornerstone of our faith is based upon what Jesus did on Calvary, and in His resurrection and ascension. Because He lives, we live, and we, as believers, can’t lose. The world cannot take anything away from you because of He who is inside of you. Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

The message is simple: God is good. The blood of Jesus paid for it all. All things are possible. You are significant.

Lonnie Sig

Come Worship with us on Friday Nights

We get together every Friday Night at 6:45 PM. We share Crossroads Church located at 5501 Dewey Drive in Fair Oaks.

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